8-page newspaper packed with good news hits the streets

By Jill Dando News

The latest children’s newspaper inspired by BBC TV Jill Dando is going out to thousands in the community.

It is a very timely newspaper for the age, after a difficult 18 months for the world and an explosion of bad news.

Students have been delivering The Post by hand to parents. They have also gone to dozens of schools, thousands of children, shops, leisure centres, supermarkets, football stadiums, churches, pubs and other outlets.

The newspaper is written by children aged 8 to 18, who are trained by professional journalists and editors.

Good News post reporters hand out the newspapers.

The Good News Post features inspirational teenage Worle Community School Academy (WCSA) gardener Archie and his civic community park clean ups.

It also covers how students have responded to the bad news of Covid19 to spark their medical careers.

Reporters train other children how to write stories.

The 8-page The Post was launched out of The Priory Learning Trust. It publicises their amazing successes achieved by students, staff and the community.

Packed full of good news

Olivia Finch, aged 16, has been Student Editor for several years and has now graduated from WCSA to the thriving TPLT school based Sixth Form at The King Alfred School Academy.

The Good News Post has gone to schools, pubs, football stadiums and supermarkets and many more venues.

New Editors are Josh Keyes, 15, of WCSA and Tamsen, 13, of Priory Community School Academy.

Josh said: “Our reporters enthusiastically put together stories from across our schools and community. This is a brilliant edition of The Post.”

Jill Dando was a former student of Worle, and rose to become Britain’s best journalist before being murdered in 1999. 

Now dozens of students in her memory are writing good news stories. 

Jill’s brother Nigel, a professional journalist of 48 years, helps in the training along with other professional reporters.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and former Prime Minister Theresa May have all praised The work of Jill Dando News