“… this is filling the media with much-needed good news.”

Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Good news for a bad news world

This is the Good News Post, a refreshing and unique newspaper jam-packed with hope.
With bad news now raging more rampant than ever before to minds and homes, our news professionals train children and young people to find and write positive stories.
These stories are then ‘Posted’ up to our newspaper and to news outlets worldwide. Our stories are regularly featured on local, and regional news, and BBC, ITV, Sky News and more.
In 2019 our some of our 10 to 12 year old reporters were filmed to a global audience of millions as they interviewed the Prime Minister inside Downing Street.
We aim to cheer up the world, inspire hope and happiness, and launch young people into journalism.
The project, inspired by legendary late BBC TV journalist Jill Dando, is spreading fast across England and worldwide.
Launched in 2016 by students in Jill’s inspirational old school in England, the Good News Post has expanded fast with over 100 reporters and 7000 children, trained by professional journalists, getting Good News to the World. This is 24.7 hope in the face of Covid19 and 365 bad news.
A student at Priory Community School Academy pictured alongside a portrait of Jill Dando in their Jill Dando News Centre
Jill began reporting aged 13 at Worle Community School Academy in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. She considered helping people in Africa before rising to become Britain’s most loved journalist. She was tragically murdered in London in 1999 aged 37. Her kindness, passion for good news and journalism lives on with our good news stories in Jill’s mould. Our Good News Post style guide is excellent journalism combined with kindness and a smile.
The Good News Post becomes the first newspaper to interview Boris Johnson as Prime Minister in Downing Street
Two good news reporters, outside Jill Dando‘s former school, the brilliant Worle Community School Academy in Weston-super-Mare, England

In 2016, students helped create the Good News Post out of Jill’s old school. It has expanded fast. It is now a UK and world newspaper.
Some of the young reporters at the inspirational Worle Community School Academy, where the kind and brilliant Journalist Jill Dando went to school. The academy now has dozens of good news reporters, as does The Priory Learning Trust.
These are some of our ‘good news’ young reporters, aged 11 and 12, who became the first journalists in Britain to interview new UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Downing Street in August 2019.
Good News reporters with Prime Minister Boris
Our reporters are now across the UK, and also in Malawi. Coming soon to a town near you.
Teacher and Queen’s Scout Lizzie Harvey from The King Alfred School Academy in Somerset.
Our reporters have interviewed a NASA astronaut, top authors, sports stars and written hundreds of stories to give hope.
The incredibly inspiring Captain Tom, who gave hope to the world during COVID-19 by raising £32 million for the NHS with his charity walking
Principal Angelos Markoutsas and student at the amazing Priory Community School Academy, who helped make over 4000 NHS face masks during COVID-19.
Our reporters with Prime Minister Boris Johnson after their interviews in Downing Street.
Reporters with teacher Sarah O’ Gorman of Priory Community School Academy in Somerset, England. Sarah set up a good news centre in Jill Dando‘s memory in Malawi, Africa.
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The Post reporters with the Prime Minister
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