We have no bad news, no sad news and certainly no articles that’ll make you mad…news!

At the Good News Post, we pride ourselves in the best kind of news out there, good news!

Here you will find the voices of the future, students aged 4 to 25, writing about what they love, from news on children, adults and their communities to ideas on their city, the nation and the world!

We believe that bad news has bombarded the world with the rise of 24.7 updates involving fear, division and disputes on the media and it’s various platforms. This has had a devastating effect on minds, mental health and morale in the community.

The Good News Post writers focus their writing around hope, happiness and health as we aim to cheer people up, inspire kindness and celebrate each other’s successes.

We have 100+ reporters across the UK and the world, trained up via the Jill Dando Network to be kind, humble and brilliant – just like Jill Dando herself.

As an example of one of our successes, some of our reporters, aged 10 and 11, became the first journalists in the world to interview the new UK Prime Minister in August inside Downing Street.

Our founding editor, Shane Dean, has 25 years of experience as a news journalist and has dedicated his life towards helping to spread positivity to people, and good news to the Media.

Get in touch if you have a story or would like to get involved: news@goodnewspost.org

The Post reporters with the Prime Minister
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