The Good News Post is a unique world newspaper aiming to help people to be positive and happier.

Our passion is good news, positivity and helping charities, mental health campaigns and helping people to feel happier, have fun to enjoy their lives.

We find, write and publish positive news, articles, features and research to help people feel better and live life to the full.

We partner with a expanding list of Mental health Charities including Wellspring Counselling and In Charley’s Memory (ICM).

ICM set up in 2015 after the death of Charley, 18, a former student of The King Alfred School Academy (TKASA). It has since helped thousands of young people in his memory.

The Good News Post aims to support mental health by promoting positive minds, tips on enjoying life, and by backing and creating mental health campaigns

Our newspaper is also aiming to train up 1 million young ‘Jill Dando’ journalists to help in getting positive news out of communities across the world and into the Media.

The Good News Post partners with other professional journalists to train up the expanding ‘army’ of Jill Dando News reporters aged 7 to 18. We help young people to launch out into careers with roles, opportunities to interview top leaders, and have helped create a Mental Health Correspondent and a Disabilities Correspondent.

Young reporters are encouraged to follow in the footsteps of BBC TV legend Jill Dando with positivity, enthusiasm, authenticity, humility, kindness, empathy and ambition to become the best in their chosen fields.

Alex Crowther became the first graduate in 2017 and since then hundreds worldwide have been through the project.

The Post was formed in 2016 to gather positive good news from across the world.

In 2017 Jill Dando News was created out of Jill’s former school Worle School in The Priory Learning Trust (TPLT).

Our newspaper gathers up professional journalists, editors, print, radio and TV train up the Jill Dando journalists who are aged 7 to 18.

Sir Richard Branson praises Jill Dando News
Fiona Bruce hails Jill Dando News

For UK and World News stories contact news@goodnewspost.co.uk

Stories are all in the unique style of Jill – kind, positive and with a passion to make the world a better place.

Good news across the UK and World

The Jill Dando News project has taken the Jill Dando News reporters to Downing Street.
The reporters aged 9 to 12 were the first journalists in Britain to interview new Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Downing Street in August 2019.

The Good News Post becomes the first newspaper to interview Boris Johnson as Prime Minister in Downing Street

The reporters have seen their work and stories seen globally by millions.

Real life stories to cheer people up

Since 2017, hundreds of young people aged 8 to 18 in the UK have written real-life “news that’s good for you”, covering people, animals, stories to cheer people up, and tips to make lives better.

They are regularly trained by professional journalists from BBC including Fiona Bruce, ITV, Sky News, local, regional and national newspapers. Jill’s older brother, Nigel Dando has helped out since the beginning with his 48 years of journalism experience.

Malawi. Africa now has Jill Dando News reporters.

Jill Dando News has spread to Priory Academy also close to Jill’s childhood home, as well as primary and secondary schools in her much-loved county of Somerset.

With Jill thinking about becoming a missionary in Africa before choosing journalism to help to make her mark, our Jill Dando News has also now spread to Malawi, Africa in her memory.

Good news will always have the last word

With news now worse, darker and more accessible than any time in history, their Jill Dando-inspired project is expanding. Good news will always have the last word.

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Jill Dando News video made on fifth anniversary
Two of the founding Jill Dando News reporters represent Britain at COP26 and featured on national news live

Jill’s legacy lives on and is expanding

Worle Academy in Weston-super-Mare is less than a mile from the childhood home of Jill who was murdered in 1999. It was the highest profile ever murder of a journalist in the UK. Her killer has never been caught.

Nigel Dando does the first ever annual Jill Dando lecture

Yet through Jill Dando News and their stories in the Good News Post and beyond, Jill’s legacy not only lives on but is expanding. Jill’s brother Nigel Dando helps in the training of young people

✔️ Training thousands of young people to become positive journalists.

✔️ Making the world a better place, turning bad news into good, bringing hope.

Jill Dando was murdered in London in 1999 at the peak of her powers, becoming the best TV journalist in the land. Not only that, but she ran her life and work with kindness, compassion, and a smile.

The smiling face of Britain

But her memory is very much alive with dozens of young reporters across Somerset and Britain writing stories for The Post, with Jill as their inspiration.

She was the smiling face of Britain. Now more than ever, the world needs that smile.

Jill Dando reporter Olivia, front left, with world author Jeffrey Archer, middle, Nigel Dando, left, and Oli Ballard, second left, and Andrew Scott, far right, at the launch of a Jill Dando News Centre

Our reporters were the first journalists in the world to interview Prime Minister Boris. Johnson inside Downing Street.

Our reporter Dawson interviews The Prime Minister Boris Johnson in front of millions of Tv viewers

Our reporters are trained by Jill’s older brother Nigel, 48 years a journalist, and a host of top flight Media people from across Britain.