Local, UK and world newspaper, the Good News Post was born in 2017.

Positive students got together in Jill Dando’s old school, Worle Community School Academy, to remedy the situation of endless bad news.

It was less than a mile from the childhood home of BBC TV star Jill Dando who was murdered in 1999.

The Good News Post began to capture local, UK and world news, and reporters for Jill Dando News were trained up.

They had three aims…

✔️ Turn bad news into happy, positive good news.

✔️ Become life-long journalists of good news.

✔️ Put a smile on the face of journalism – Jill Dando style.

A new way of doing news… positive… focussed on cheering people up.

Jill Dando was murdered in London in 1999 at the peak of her powers, becoming the best TV journalist in the land. Not only that, but she ran her life and work with kindness, compassion, and a smile.

But her memory is very much alive with dozens of young reporters across Somerset and Britain writing stories for The Post, with Jill as their inspiration.

She was the smiling face of Britain. Now more than ever, the world needs that smile.

Jill Dando reporter Olivia, front left, with world author Jeffrey Archer, middle, Nigel Dando, left, and Oli Ballard, second left, and Andrew Scott, far right, at the launch of a Jill Dando News Centre

Our reporters were the first journalists in the world to interview Prime Minister Boris. Johnson inside Downing Street.

Our reporter Dawson interviews The Prime Minister Boris Johnson in front of millions of Tv viewers

Our reporters are trained by Jill’s older brother Nigel, 48 years a journalist, and a host of top flight Media people from across Britain.