Our Story

The Good News Post was formed in 2016a news revolution born out of the tragic murder of BBC TV legend Jill Dando. 

It has become the very best time in history for a unique good news newspaper due to the devastation of Covid19 and a nuclear explosion of media and social media bad news since 911 in 2001.

Jill was the smiling face of Britain – kind, caring, compassionate – before being shot dead outside her London home in April 1999. She was 37. Her killer was never found.

Some 12 years later, a 10 minute walk from Jill’s childhood home in Worle, Somerset, children from Priory Community School Academy, England began writing positive news stories.

Their stories resulted in Sir Richard Branson delivering a video message from New York on their success, followed up by a well done for their Ofsted from him, a Cabinet Minister and Deborah Meaden.

Priory Community School Academy students, part of the Jill Dando News Centre

All things are possible

Priory had a culture of ‘all things are possible’ and wanted real life projects for students to enjoy.

Alex, Jack and dozens more were being trained by Shane Dean, a former journalist turned PR man.

Since then he has brought in a constant stream of reporters to inspire the students to change the world and become brilliant journalists.

From Simon and Vicky Angear, editors of Jill’s first newspaper, the Weston Mercury, to the Education and Science Editors of the BBC, they were inspired and trained with enthusiasm and an ‘all things are possible’ mindset.

Posting up positive stories to the world

The Post was launched in 2016 as a place to ‘Post’ real life positive stories up so the world could see.

It was also to help train up journalists, positive thinkers and world changers of the future.

Jill’s old school, Worle Community School Academy – based even closer to her childhood home – then set up the first Jill Dando News Centre shortly after. There are now 11 centres across The Priory Learning Trust, and other schools, with over 100 reporters.

Two of our reporters, outside Jill Dando‘s former school, the brilliant Worle Community School Academy

Scores of reporters young and old writing positive stories

Jill Dando’s memory is very much alive with scores of reporters young and old across Britain writing stories for The Post, with Jill as their inspiration. 

She was the smiling face of Britain. Now more than ever, the world needs that smile.