Who is Jill Dando?

Jill Dando and her inspirational story and character is inspiring thousands of young people worldwide aged 8 to 18 to find, and write and post positive ‘good news’ stories.

Fiona Bruce hails the Jill Dando News reporters

Jill was the smiling face of Britain in the 1999s – kind, humble, positive and brilliant.

Jill’s death in 1999 was not the end of Jill’s story. Her life is not about a murder. It is what a kind, special person she was and how that kindness, humility, positivity and brilliance is living on through an ever expanding number of young people.

Her legacy has gone global with a Jill Dando News Centre in Malawi, Africa. Jill had a big heart for Africa and helping people – a further fitting legacy.

Good news stories worldwide are being written in her style and memory and published in this newspaper and then onto Social Media and the wider Media worldwide.

There are a fast expanding numbers of Jill Dando News Centres in her former childhood county of Somerset, and one in Malawi. There are many more being planned.

Jill Dando News celebrates its fifth anniversary
The beginnings of the Jill Dando News Centre and the Good News Post in Jill’s old school.

The seeds of the project began in Priory Community School Academy in 2011, which gave birth to The Priory Learning Trust, then on to Jill’s former school Worle Community School Academy in 2017.

This newspaper’s Disability Correspondent got her role after delivering a motivational talk to Priory Community School Academy.

From the backing of the past two Prime Ministers, to interviewing one of them in Number 10, to covering local, national and global stories, Jill Dando News would have made Jill proud.

The Good News Post becomes the first newspaper to interview Boris Johnson as Prime Minister in Downing Street

They have set a Jill Dando News Centre across the county of Somerset and even in Malawi, Africa.

Jill Dando News Centre journalists in Malawi, Africa

Jill Dando News reporters also helped set up the Good News Post – where their stories are ‘posted’ first before the world’s Media.

Good News Post news is powered by Jill Dando News – hundreds of 8 to 18 year olds trained in real-life journalism by professional Media people including Jill’s brother Nigel.

Two of our Jill Dando News reporters, Olivia and Aimee, went to school just yards from Jill’s childhood home, and produced this piece for BBC TV when they were only 14.

Though she was murdered in 1999 aged 37, Jill’s memory lives on with thousands of good news stories sent out across the world.

Jill was the epitome of all that the world needs. Kindness, positivity, compassion, humility and a smile to cheer others up.

The Smiling Face of Britain and Journalism

She was the smiling face of Britain and journalism.

At the age of 8, Jill took out Ladybird books on journalism and Media – an early glimpse into her passion. Then at Worle Community School Academy her journalism really kicked off. She ended up becoming the golden girl of TV.

Following in Jill’s footsteps

Now we train up hundreds of young people to help them follow the same path as Jill – brilliant at writing stories, positive, humble and kind.

One of her former colleagues at her first newspaper the Weston Mercury, David was a photographer for 48 years. He remembers Jill in the early years. He said “Jill used to light up a room when she just walked into it. It was her personality. But she remained humble. Being famous did not affect her. She was still the same Jill even when in demand across the Media. She is the perfect role model for young people everywhere and the journalists generally.”