Jill Dando was a brilliant journalist who rose the ranks to become the golden girl of the BBC, Queen of Prime Time TV - but what marked her out for greatness was her extremely rare character.

That’s why Jill Dando News is unique - our reporters model themselves on Jill’s rare mix of qualities which makes up our unique reporters style guide.

1 Kind (Jill had this most important human quality - without kindness you CANNOT be a success)

2 Humble (Jill lived out our motto ‘all things are possible’ but remained the same Jill from her schooldays)

3 Positive (we understand why news is mostly bad, with our brains’ wiring that craves it, but Jill gravitated towards the positive. So do our reporters)

4 Smiling (Jill had a smile to light up England - our first Jill Dando News reporter Olivia coined the phrase ‘she was the smiling face of Britain. Our reporters are encouraged to do ‘journalism with a smile’.)

5 Purpose (Jill toyed with being a missionary in Africa to help those in need before switching to make the world a better place through journalism. She was passionate to make a difference. Our reporters are encouraged to change the world one story at a time, and to become the story. We campaign to MAKE the good news out of badwhere campaign )