Theresa May praises students for their aspiration and ambition

By Jill Dando News

Former Prime Minister, Theresa May, has congratulated brilliant students on their aspiration and ambition

She issued her encouragement to students at Worle Community School Academy, some of whom want to be Prime Minister one day.

Last year’s Head Girl, Daisy Dennett, is joined by this year’s Head Boy, Jack Clark, in wanting to be Prime Minister, along with current Year 9 student Virginia Rulli-Gibbs.

She said: “I think my own journey to Downing Street shows that we can all can succeed. I wish you all the very, very best.

“Set your ambitions high and go for those goals, and with high ambitions, with aspiration and hard work, you too can be a success.”

The academy is also working on a Jill Dando Walk in the entrance towards the school, which was also welcomed by Mrs May.

Mrs May said: “I am delighted to hear that you are unveiling a Jill Dando Walk in memory of your former student.”

Jill Dando was a former student at WCSA before becoming Britain’s best journalist and the face of Britain. The academy now has a Jill Dando News centre to train up future journalists.

Mrs May added: “I am also really pleased to hear that so many students are writing and publishing good news to the media in the name of their former student, Jill Dando.

“Jill, of course, got to the very top of her profession. She did so with warmth, humility and kindness. And so can you.”

The proactive WCSA students have helped the academy to win a string of regional, national and international awards for its environmental work, becoming one of the greenest schools in Britain.

Principal Jacqui Scott said: “Thank you to Theresa May. We believe that our students will go on to achieve huge success in the years to come.”

The WCSA motto is ‘We Challenge and Support to Achieve’, resulting in students who thrive in all areas.

The academy has a high-achieving and caring ethos, aiming to challenge and support to encourage the full potential of every single student.

It is part of The Priory Learning Trust.