5000 NHS PPE face masks scoops DT teacher prestigious UK award

By Jill Dando News

An inspirational teacher has won a prestigious UK award after helping to make nearly 5000 NHS face masks during Covid19

David Clay, Central Leader for Design and Technology at Priory Community School Academy (PCSA) in Weston-super-Mare Somerset, was awarded the special National award for Design and Technology Social Impact for his outstanding community and social work during the pandemic.

David along with PCSA Principal Angelos Markoutsas and The Priory Learning Trust schools (TPLT) made nearly 5000 face masks and other PPE equipment to help the NHS fight the battle against Covid-19 in 2020.

David received the award at a formal dinner in London at the Design and Technology Association Excellence Awards.

Mr Clay said: “I have been teaching the subject for 25 years and I’m delighted to have received such an accolade for helping the community at one of the most difficult times in recent history.”

Mr Markoutsas said: “Community and civic work is at the very heart of all we do and this is a tremendous award that acknowledges that fact. It was a privilege to help out the NHS.”

TPLT also raises tens of thousands of pounds each year to help charities as part of its community and civic duty.

Neville Coles, CEO OF TPLT, said: “Well done to David, students and staff across our schools for all the wonderful community work that goes on. This is a brilliant award to win.”

Tony Ryan, Chief Executive of the Design and Technology Association, said: “David is to be congratulated on his well-deserved award and celebrated for going above and beyond what might be expected in his contributions to supporting the subject of design and technology. 

“We know that employers across the advanced manufacturing and creative industries are already concerned about the real shortage of engineers and designers, and we need more people like David to inspire future generations of young people.”