Missing hero dog ‘Butter’ saves family from fire then reunites with owners

Story found and written by Juozas, aged 11, Priory Community School Academy, Jill Dando News (a Christmas animal story to cheer you up)

A missing hero dog called Butter has saved a family from a fire before being reunited with his owners – and will be rewarded with a slap-up steak!

The most amazing dog hero rescue happened after the house of mother of two Charity Golloway and her family caught fire.

Butter the dog barked at the windows of the burning home in Virginia, America until the owners woke up and escaped safely.

Butter saved a family in Southwest Virginia from fire by barking. — Picture via Facebook/ Charity Golloway

(Butter, picture via Facebook/ Charity Golloway)

Luckily the stray dog called Butter who helped the family of three had been hanging out outside their home recently.

To add a twist to the plot, the hero dog was actually a runaway pooch that ended up at Charity’s home.

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Butter’s original owners recognised the hero pooch as Cooper, their dog that ran away from home during summer.

After that, Butter was reunited with his previous owners. No one was hurt, thankfully to Butter’s quick thinking. And he wasn’t stray after all!

Golloway said she plans to give Cooper – the dog she knows as Butter – a steak before he is returned to his previous family.

Butter was later congratulated by the Valley Volunteer Fire Department.

Charity said: “He’s a smart dog. He’s going to be leaving us, and that makes me want to cry, but I’m happy for him. 

She added: “We will be staying in touch.”

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