Meet dog of the year Boone - lighting up children’s hospitals with his smile and story

Meet dog of the year Boone - lighting up children’s hospitals with his smile and story

By Animal Correspondent, Jill Dando News

The brilliant Boone took home the top prize at the American Humane Hero Dog Awards gala in Florida after showing inspirational attitude and lighting up children’s hospitals with his smile and story.

Boone was just 6 weeks old when he was so badly abused that his hind legs had to be amputated.

But four years on he is thriving as a therapy dog in hospitals. Picture from Hero Dog Awards.

Boone the hero dog. Picture from Hero Dog Awards

Boone won first prize in his individual category to become the country’s Therapy Hero Dog of the Year.

Then, he went on to win the top prize: 2021’s American Hero Dog!

Picture Hero Dog Awards

A spokesperson for Hero Dog Awards said: “He has a mission to spread his joy to others with his infectious smile and story of resilience.

“He visits children’s hospitals and shares his story of resilience and overcoming the odds, and kids just light up when they see him.

“After all, he’s living proof that dogs with disabilities are just as capable of changing lives as any other pet!”

The Hero Dog Awards were created to celebrate the powerful relationship between dogs and people and recognize extraordinary acts of heroism performed by ordinary dogs.

They added: “Boone’s sweet nature and enthusiasm for life despite his challenges, make him a perfect fit for his new profession as a therapy dog.

“They saw when you love what you do, you never work a day in your one life, and that is the truth for Boone.”

The pup is now 4 years old and gets around with help from a special pet wheelchair designed by the nonprofit Joey’s P.A.W. (Prosthetics and Wheels).

This organization has provided mobility devices to more than 700 dogs both nationally and internationally.


As soon as Boone received his wheels, his life changed for the better.

Boone is an ambassador for the nonprofit, Joey’s P.A.W. (Prosthetics and Wheels).

So far, the charity has provided mobility devices to over 700 dogs in need both in Pittsburgh, across the country, and even internationally.

Boone and Joey’s P.A.W. hope to improve both the outcome for dogs with mobility issues in shelters and rescues across the country, as well as perceptions about their adoptability.

The spokesperson added: “Boone deserves the title of American Hero Dog because he inspires those around him every day to overcome the obstacles that life throws at them.

“When he is not spreading joy as a therapy dog, he is working to make life better for dogs with mobility issues in shelters.

“Just look at his smile. He is going to change the world!”

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