Nigel Dando, centre back, with Sarah O’ Gorman founder of the Malawi Jill Dando News back middle, and next to Sarah is Alex Crowther who first sowed the thoughts of Jill Dando News while at school near to Jill Dando’s childhood home.The beginnings of the Jill Dando News Centre and the Good News Post in Jill's old school.

Shane Dean (Founding Editor, Jill Dando News/Good News Post) Journalist since 1996.

Nigel Dando (Patron Jill Dando News) Older brother of Jill with 48 years’ professional journalism experience.

Emma Britton (Patron Jill Dando News) Positive BBC journalist turned public speaker, bubbling with positivity and energy.

Ellise Hollie Hayward (Disabilities Correspondent) Graduate of Preston School and inspirational motivational speaker.

Samara Siviter (Mental Health Correspondent) A graduate of Jill Dando News at The King Alfred School Academy.

Mark, 16, (Health Correspondent) Five years at Jill Dando News as a reporter at Priory Academy. Future Doctor.

? (Dog Correspondent) Their role is to find stories of inspirational dogs across the world.

Oliver, 13, (International Correspondent and Mendip Green Correspondent - where Jill went to primary school) Now part of Worle Academy Jill Dando News reporter

Denis, 13 (International Correspondent - Jill Dando News reporter at Worle Academy)

Alex Crowther (Patron, Jill Dando News) Helped set up first Jill Dando News Centre. Now a first class Broadcast Journalism graduated and entrepreneur.

Liz Davis (The Priory Learning Trust and Manager of Jill Dando News Centres) Fellow student with Jill Dando at school in the same year.

Sarah O’ Gorman English teacher and Jill Dando News lead at Priory Academy. Set up a Jill Dando News Centre in Malawi

Jill Dando News Centre journalists in Malawi, Africa

Andrew Scott (Patron Jill Dando News and Good News Post Consultant) CEO The Ascot Group and serial entrepreneur across the world.

Oli Ballard (Patron Jill Dando News and Good News Post Consultant) Director and Founding Editor Business Leader, the entrepreneur’s magazine.

Josh Dornbrack (Patron Jill Dando News and Good News Post Consultant) Head of Multimedia and Content, Business Leader

Nick Ross (Patron, Jill Dando News. Co presented Crimewatch with Jill in the 1990s. Founder of Jill Dando Crime Institute)

Olivia Finch (Jill Dando News first ever student reporter, aged 12, in 2017, in Worle Academy)

Joshua Keyes (Jill Dando News second ever student reporter) Now a sports journalist.

Liam Drury (Prolific Jill Dando News reporter since its early days) Friend of Alex Crowther at Priory Academy and superb journalist writer.