Shane Dean’s inspirational talks, after-dinner speeches and fun workshops boost morale and help create happy, passionate, purpose-driven world-class teams and team players. (Photo supplied via

Do you and/or your organisation need a morale boost?

Would you like to boost positivity, possibility and productivity?

Inspirational keynote speaker Shane Dean has been inspiring audiences since 2003 with his Good News Tonic talks. Ideal for away days, conferences, workshops, team building, leadership and training events.

✔️ Positive, productive and profitable teams.

✔️ Confident, enthusiastic, world class team players.

✔️ Passionate, purpose-driven, happy teams.

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Shane overcame mental health struggles and anxiety to become relentlessly positive and a life enthusiast.

His Good News Post online newspaper has regular
Tonic tips to boost mind, body and soul.

He was an award-winning tabloid journalist before becoming a failed ‘rebel vicar’ for five years.

Since then he emerged as a unique PR publicist to create the Good News Post and also Jill Dando News to train up 1 million young journalists.

Shane’s fun, energetic unique TONIC talks explore latest science, historical and current inspirational examples, taking tips from Ted Lasso, chilled out monks and Nelson Mandela.

Andrew Scott, CEO of the Ascot Group, said: “I have worked with some of the best speakers in the world over the years, but I’ve never met anyone with more authenticity, passion and ability to really inspire people as Shane Dean.

“He never fails to motivate our 100+ staff, including the management and leadership teams; and the content he delivers is ideal for businesses and corporate organisations looking to achieve growth and deliver a morale boost.”

Helen da Costa of the Coreus Group said: “Shane was a keynote speaker at Coreus’ annual away day and walked into the room full of energy and charisma.  

“His diligent approach to understanding our organisation enabled him to connect and motivate our team on another level.   

Shane's emphasis on maintaining a positive mindset during adversity really resonated with me, and his insight into the interdependent nature of team personalities and attitudes created tangible outtakes that I know will create a positive impact on the team and company.“