Move over Inspector Morse! Police dog hero retires after years catching criminals

By Jill Dando News 

The elder statesman of Police Dogs in Cleveland and North Yorkshire, England has retired after heroic work catching criminals.

Just like his name-sake Inspector Morse in Oxford in the fictional hit tv series Inspector Morse, long serving police dog Morse had a career spent helping stop crime across northern England.

The real life police dog Morse was responsible for catching some of the most dangerous suspects in his time in Cleveland and North Yorkshire.

A police spokesperson said: “He is putting his paws up in a well earned retirement. Thank you Morse.”


Other dogs in the Force include PD Barney, PD Skye and PD Mason.

Photo via Twitter and Cleveland and North Yorkshire police

They are on the frontline detecting drugs, money and firearms.

To do the job they have to pass a gruelling four-week course to attain drugs, cash and firearms licences.

In the fictional TV programme between 1987 and 2000, Inspector Morse was a hero helping the community and solving crimes.

Picture via Twitter Cleveland and North Yorkshire police.

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