Happy New Year – the best is yet to come!

By The Editor

Alan Titchmarsh was right – we need positive good news stories to keep us “buoyed up”.

It might look like doom and gloom, but the truth is there is more good news than bad out there.

Jill Dando News reporters are helping to make the world a better place by finding and publishing it.

Don’t believe the lies that it is all bad out there.

It isn’t.

Yes, difficult times may come. But together, people, communities and focussing on the positive will get us through.

Most of life is actually a mindset. Positive thinking, laughter, focussing on the present and being around happy people all help.

The world is better than you think.

The children are leading the way.

Yes, difficult times may come. But together, people, communities and focussing on the positive will get us through.

The Editor

Jill Dando News was formed by reporters out of Jill’s former school, Worle Community School Academy at The Priory Learning Trust in 2017.

By 2019 they were inside Downing Street giving copies of this newspaper the Good News Post to the new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

Our youngest Good News reporters with Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Since 2017 hundreds of students have found, written and published positive good news stories across the world – all in the kind, humble and brilliant style of Jill herself.

Jill was ‘the smiling face of Britain’ – the lovely person everyone wanted to know and be a friend of.

She was murdered in 1999.

Children aged 8 to 18 in all of the expanding Jill Dando News centres are dripping positive stories out to the Media.

Recently Jill’s older brother Nigel Dando gave top tips on headline and story writing to enthusiastic pupils at the Hewish site of St Anne’s Church Academy in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.

The reporters learn incredible media skills, and build their self-esteem during their work.

Meanwhile, those who read the stories in the Good News Post and wider media feel more positive, making for a happier world. 

The Editor at the Good News Post and the Good News Brain said: “Be in no doubt, there is far more good news out there than bad. People will feel better, much happier by reading the stories of Jill Dando News.

“Millions of acts of kindness, goodwill and people scattering happiness are going on across the globe. Send us your stories.”

There are good news reporters at Worle Community School Academy, Priory Community School Academy, The King Alfred School Academy, St Anne’s Church Academy, Castle Batch School Academy, Pawlett Primary School Academy, West Huntspill Community Primary and East Huntspill Community Primary. 

They are also reporters at Ashcombe Primary School and in Malawi. New centres are in the pipeline.

The Future is Bright – the Future is Good News

Jill Dando reporters get to interview people in the community as well as high-profile celebrities.

The youngsters are reminding themselves and the world that the future is brighter than people think.