Sheep rescued by ‘bleating noises’ made by heroic animal charity workers

By Jill Dando News

Sheep are one of the world’s most fascinating creatures.

Now animal rescuers have been rescuing sheep by copying their distinctive bleating noises.

Sheep are one of the world’s most fascinating creatures (photos by

RSPCA Cymru inspectors have been called out repeatedly over the past year, with sheep common among the rescues.


In one, inspectors made bleating noises in order to get a ewe to respond. They were then able to pinpoint its location after it fell and became stuck in brambles by its fleece.

RSPCA CYMRU – RSPCA Inspector abseiling to reach the stranded sheep

Four days earlier, the animal had tumbled about 20m (65ft), and ended up in a tangle but unhurt.

RSPCA inspectors had to cut through bracken for over an hour while making bleating noises to encourage it to call back so they could find it on Conwy’s Mynydd y Dref, also known as Conwy Mountain.


Inspector Andrew Broadbent said: “To our relief she replied.

“We kept ‘talking’ to her, getting closer and closer all the time and eventually found her sheltering on a little ridge surrounded by thick brambles.

“After cutting her free and checking for injuries we then followed the path we had just come down, both of us part carrying, part pushing her back up the mountain so she could re-join her flock.”

He was also involved in a 30m (98ft) rope rescue with Insp Mark Roberts and other colleagues after a ram became stranded on a ledge close to the bottom of a quarry near Llangollen, Denbighshire.

The pair abseiled down, caught the ram and put it in a bag before lowering it to safety.

“He wasn’t injured so was released where he started to graze again,” said Insp Roberts.

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