Brilliant students demonstrate their speaking talents and passions in amazing live event 

By Amy, 13, Jill Dando News @ PCSA

22 teenagers took part in a highly acclaimed EDVOCATE programme – presenting speeches on their passions

Year 11 students from Priory Community School Academy in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset took part in the event as an extension of their Speaking and Listening exam.

They presented their speeches at a live event. 

Parents, staff and students were invited to listen to the young speakers who have spent time carefully crafting their talks.  

They asked questions like ‘what is perfection?’ and ‘is there a war on masculinity?’ and provided a collection of high calibre pieces. Divine offered a talk on toxic masculinity and explained that ‘talking about a topic that plagues society today as well as speaking in front of others was a monumental experience in my life’.

The event was organised by Ali Wray and Charlotte Todd – both English teachers at PCSA who set out to offer opportunities of aspiration for students. One of the key speakers, Freddy, 16, said ‘it was a very positive situation and I could share my passions’.

The EDVOCATE Programme promotes excellence in the EdTech community by providing training and mentoring to support and promote the use of evidence-informed EdTech.

This speaking and listening excellence was reflected in the thoughts of the incredible speakers: ‘it gave me the confidence to speak out and explore a subject I love’, claimed Hannah.

Kornelia explaine that although ‘it was stressful, this allowed me to gain more confidence speaking to an audience’ and Emma felt ‘it was exciting to spread a message I am passionate about and build my performance skills’.

Ella encouraged all young people to ‘do things outside of your comfort zone!’