Meet a real good news firm – already one of the world’s best to work for

By The Editor

One of the world’s best firms with a powerful good news, positivity and vision culture has celebrated its annual conference.

The Ascot Group is one of the world’s best firms but there is more to come

It has astronomical vision, huge positivity and gigantic vision.

Their recent conference was held in lovely winter sunshine in Somerset.

It has a state of the art expanding HQ in Worle, in Weston-super-Mare which houses incredible offices, a bar, gym and much more.

The firm also has offices in London and Manchester.

Its companies include Britain’s biggest entrepreneur magazine, Business Leader, a data company, and extraordinary marketing services.

The Editor said: “In an age of doom and gloom across the world, the Ascot Group is an example of a firm, which has incredible vision and positivity. It is a real life good news firm!”