Students become ‘listeners’ in exciting new scheme

New Student Listeners Scheme help high-performing and caring school further strengthen mental well-being

Worle Community School Academy have trained up some fantastic student listeners as part of their mental well-being programme.

Not only is the school producing excellent GCSE performances, but it is very well known for its strong care and mental well-being programme.

WCSA now carries out a four-week training programme where students can gain the skills to become good listeners – with empathy and being non-judgemental.

They walk around the school at break and lunchtime, looking for anyone who seems like they need someone to talk to. Students themselves can approach the listeners.

Principal Jacqui Scott said: ”We are very excited about this student listeners scheme. It is an amazing way to encourage other students to speak out about their problems.”

The super students have also been trained in what to do if they have any safeguarding concerns about any student.