Pupils go Cricket Crazy (By Holly and Grace, 10)

By Holly and Grace, 10, Jill Dando News

Pupils in a primary school are going cricket crazy after training by players in one of Britain’s best cricket counties.

Somerset Cricket Foundation have kindly offered to teach cricket to pupils at Castle Batch Primary School in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.

The lessons are going on until the end of term. They are doing this to get more people interested in cricket. 

They have also taken on the role of doing an after school club on Thursdays. They do a range of batting, bowling and fielding activities.
This is for students who want to do more cricket to perfect their skills. 

In the lessons they did throwing and catching games and batting skills.
The year 3 teacher said “It is lovely to see the children working together as a team.”

The children are also loving it. In fact one of them stated: “ I really liked a game where we had to hop, run and catch the ball.”

The P.E. coordinator said that the school is affiliated with Somerset C.C. and she is very glad they are.

We hope the children continue to enjoy sport and pursue their cricket career.

(The story was found and written by Holly and Grace, 10, of Jill Dando News)

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