Four great gymnasts excel in a spectacular performance! (By Emma, 10)

By Emma, age 10, Jill Dando News

Two Year 6 gymnasts and Year 2 gymnasts from St Anne’s Church Academy, Hewish, Weston-super-Mare, competed in a competition for an award at a local competition.

Emilie, one of the Y6 gymnasts, came first place and said she felt as though her friend Evie should have also been first because they both did very well.

Evie came 2nd and said she felt glad that it was over with!

Emilie performed an aerial skill and said that the easiest part about it was, “Having confidence in myself.” In addition, Emilie has been in a competition in the past and felt the difference was that she had more skill.

Emilie said her favourite part was just having fun and enjoying herself whilst Evie said her favourite part was knowing she could do it.

The two Y2 gymnasts, Lilly and Faye, said they were proud of themselves after completing the competition.
Lilly has also had competitions in the past and felt she’d improved on the vault and bars.

Finally, all of the Year 2 gymnasts said that their favourite part was on the bars.
Jill Dando News said: “These girls were truly amazing at winning their competitions.”

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