Molkky, swords and more at marvellous multi-skill event! (By Hayden and Rose, 10, Jill Dando News)

By Hayden and Rose, aged 10, Jill Dando News 

Year 4 children at an excellent primary school have been learning molkky, boccia, dancing and sword fighting (fencing) during a visit to ‘the big school’. 

The brilliant pupils at Castle Batch Primary School Academy (CBPSA) in Somerset, UK have been to Priory Secondary School Academy nearby to play in a multi skill event.

The year fours did this to have fun and try out new sports. 

Teacher Mrs Sweet said: “The atmosphere was excellent and we all had good fun. It was also a great opportunity to try new sports.” 

A Year 4 pupils told Jill Dando News: ” It was a fun activity and it was very fair. There was also no winner or loser.” 

The same pupils quoted: ”My favourite sport was fencing because I had never tried it before and in the end I had a great time.”

Castle Batch is Ofsted good in all areas and has a happy, caring culture.

This story is written by Hayden and Rose, both aged 10, who are part of Jill Dando News at the school. Jill Dando News aims to train thousands of young people to write stories of positivity and hope across the world.