Visits to elderly care centres planned by big-hearted visionary students

By Jill Dando News

Big-hearted students are to visit the elderly in care centres alongside their inspiring plans to make their community a better place.

The students at Priory Community School Academy in Worle (pictured) are now drawing up plans which include a visit a Dementia Day Care Centre, care homes and communities across the area.

They are passionate to make the world a better place to live in after the challenging times of the pandemic.

The Social Action projects are part of a new ‘Value Ambassador’ team appointed to represent positive, caring and uplifting values in their school and community 

Tamsen, 14, said: “Everyone knows how difficult the pandemic was for people, communities and on loneliness.

“We are eager to help people around us in the community and show that our values as a school really help the lives of others.”

PCSA is championing this with a student-led campaign to infuse values into everything that students do. 

Using the pastoral tutor programme, assemblies and lessons, the ambassadors aim to change the culture of the school for the better.  

They want every student to leave school as strong characters who are ready for the world and any challenge it might throw at them.  

Sarah O’Gorman, Citizenship Coordinator at the school, said: “The students inspire me every single day with their care, compassion and enthusiasm to help others.“