Meet up for tea or coffee on Brew Monday!

By Jill Dando News

Good News – it’s not Blue Monday, it’s Brew Monday!

People are being encouraged to reach out for a cup of tea or coffee with anyone who may be in need of a chat.

Blue Monday has been said to be most depressing day of the year, but an amazing charity or dispelling that myth.

People enjoying a cup of tea (pictures via

Emotional support charity Samaritans instead say that everyone has bad days throughout the year and are turning it on its head.

This is why they are working to change things.

On the supposed ‘Blue Monday’ this year, which falls today, (January 16) Samaritans are calling on people to take part in the alternatively named – ‘Brew Monday’. 

The event is a reminder for people to reach out and meet up with others for tea or coffee.

Enjoy a cup of tea and a chat!

The charity encourages people to reach out for a brew with someone who may be in need of a chat at any time of the year. Samaritans believe “If you’re sharing a cuppa and listening, you’re doing it right.”

The charity says you can host your own Brew Monday event, virtually or in person, however you want. 

You could organise a tea party and raise money for Samaritans, host an online Brew Monday at work, or even do something as simple as picking up the phone and checking in with someone you care about.

They also remind people that if you do use your get-together to raise money for Samaritans, you’ll help give people having a tough time somewhere to turn when they need to talk. Just £5 can help them answer a call for help.

Virtual Brew Monday event

If you are unable to meet those closest to you in person, Samaritans have provided tips on how you can enjoy a virtual meet.

Here are a few ways you can connect virtually:

  • Group audio/video calling is available on Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp (up to four people on a call) and Facebook messenger.
  • A phone call or conference call can work just as well for connecting with people, especially for those not comfortable on camera.