Experienced Jill Dando News reporter Mark, 14, looks back on incredible year at his school

By Mark, 14 Jill Dando News @ Priory Community School Academy

As we reach the end of 2022, we are delighted to look back with a year of positive good news stories!

The Priory Environmental Community Organisation (The Priory ECO Committee), helmed by Year 11 prefect Chloe Mathers (15), were honoured recently with a brilliant eco award.

Our very own JDNC supervisor and English teacher at PCSA, Sarah O’Gorman, launched Sunrise Nursery in the suburbs of the town of Mzimba, Malawi.

During the October half term break, plans to open a community library in the town were set in motion, as thousands of books had been pledged by schools and other local supporters.

Priory has been raising food and finance for Foodbank

Each and every one of our Creative departments thrived in their collaborative effort to bring the Broadway hit musical “Little Shop Of Horrors” to life, starring Shannon Kingston (14), Josh Harding (15), Freddy Jones (15), Emma Bazell (15), and Finlay.

Be sure to catch PCSA’s adaptation of Grease in July of 2023, set to star Gabi Niec (13/14) and Freddy Jones (15) as Sandy and Danny!

Mark, with three years of Jill Dando News experience behind him said: “Let’s begin the next year with our Key Values in mind.

“Practice respect by being mindful of the thoughts and feelings of others. Practice integrity consistently acting without witness or reward. 

“Practice aspiration by understanding that positive change isn’t instant and working a little smarter and a little harder than you did yesterday.”