Young people to get mentors away from crime to success under new scheme

Dozens of young people will be mentored to success out of a possible life of crime under a new scheme.

ROC WSM have launched a ROC Community Mentoring to mentor young people and families in Weston-super-Mare in Somerset who may end up in a life of crime.

The Young Persons Mentoring scheme aims to help young people between the ages of 5 and 17 to make positive choices and achieve set goals. 

Weston-super-Mare is the latest town to join the 80-plus areas across Britain which are seeing extraordinary cuts in crime and boosts in kindness after taking up the unique Redeeming Our Communities (ROC UK) programme – with 170 more following suit. 

The mentoring scheme will boost the self-esteem, confidence and resilience of the young people.

ROC WSM leaders Dave and Penny Hynds said: “We believe that stronger families produce stronger and healthier communities and that with the support of a ROC Mentor, young people and their families can reach their true potential and flourish. 

“Our volunteer mentors are fully trained and drawn from across the local area, bringing with them a wealth of skills, knowledge and life experience and all are passionate about making a difference in their community.

“This scheme will give improved confidence and self-esteem for families and young people, greater resilience and to be better engaged in their community.”

Dave and Penny Hynds, leaders of ROC WSM

Prospective mentors receive 14 hours of initial training, with topics including the COACH mentoring model, action planning, boundaries, safeguarding and understanding healthy families, together with ongoing training and support. 

The modern-day Good Samaritan project ROC UK charity came to Weston-super-Mare 12 months ago and has already had huge positive effects with some nine different projects underway or ready to go. It was started by Debra Green in 2004 in Manchester. She received an OBE for her work in 2014.

There has been crime-cutting work involving Avon and Somerset Police, North Somerset Council and others.

Projects have started to reduce loneliness and isolation, help with anger management, and to support those struggling to pay for food and bills.

There were thousands of acts of kindness during Covid19, delivering shopping, collecting prescriptions and providing telephone support given to help those in need with ongoing initiatives such as tele mentoring.

And there are other plans now for further financial help for residents, providing food clubs and a community fridge, and projects to stop low level crime and do free events to build hope.

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