World leading firm sponsors future world-champion Judo star

By Jill Dando News

A fantastic marketing, media and technology company has announced it will be sponsoring an Olympic hopeful in 2023.

The Ascot Group, which is made up of seven companies and 100 employees will be wholeheartedly supporting young Judo star, Lele Nairne, as part of its ongoing commitment to giving back to the local community. It is also a partner of Jill Dando News.

Born and raised in Weston, Lele is an incredible athlete, and the Ascot Group has agreed to support her ambitions of becoming an Olympic medallist and Judo world champion.


Andrew Scott, CEO and founder of the Ascot Group, said: “I’m delighted to announce that we will be sponsoring and financially backing Lele’s training and worldwide competitions throughout the year.

“Lele is a fantastic athlete who has trained in Judo for most of her life. She has already ranked 23rd in the world and now has her sights firmly set on the 2024 Paris Olympics.

“Lele is someone we can really get behind and be incredibly proud of. Her drive and passion for Judo is inspirational, it’s clear that she lives and breathes everything associated with the sport.

“In fact, it reminds me of when I first launched the Ascot Group. I always aspired to make a real difference and I believe this passion still runs through the business even almost two decades later.

“I can’t wait for the whole Ascot team to show its support for Lele as she embarks on this exciting journey to Olympic success.”


Lele Nairne commented: “It’s amazing to have one of Weston’s biggest employers agree to be a sponsor. I’ve got some really exciting things in the pipeline for the next 12-months and with the support from Andrew and his team, I’ll be a step closer to achieving my goals.”

Founded in 2004 by Andrew Scott, the Ascot Group is a fast-track, high growth company which employs over 100 people within Weston-super-Mare. For more information visit:

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