UK young people give first ever voting verdict on Brexit

By Good News Post

Children and young people give voting verdict on Brexit for the first time in history as over 700 UK schools discuss the issue

Over half of those aged 4 to 18 in primary and secondary schools said that Brexit will affect them in the years to come in the new study.

Some 57.5% of secondary school students say Brexit will have an effect while 52.1% gave the same answer in primary schools.

The challenge was laid down by fast-growing UK organisation, VotesforSchools which provide weekly resources on topical issues for Primary, Secondary and Colleges created by teachers.

VotesforSchools is passionate about hearing and sharing the voices of young people.

One student said: “Brexit has already affected our country emotionally.”

Another said: “I wanted to be an international teacher after education and Uni but will be much harder for me to get a work Visa to work and live in other countries.

Adults gave their verdict on Brexit in the referendum, but this is the first time young people and children have been asked on such a scale

Lizzy Lewis of VFS said: “Brexit has been a huge issue for our nation for several years and this is the first vote of its kind of young people in our history. It is vital to listen to young people who will be navigating this new course for generations to come.”

Hilary Benn MP said: “Thank you very much for your votes. The effects of Brexit will take time to be felt but it represents a big change in our relationship with our nearest neighbours and friends.”

VotesforSchools give young people the opportunity to experience regular democratic participation by:

• interesting them in, and discussing, current issues.

• getting them in the habit of regular voting.

• ensuring that their vote is having a real impact.

In some cases, VFS votes have led to change in legislation or had an impact on training and resources. 

No other organisation provides a national voting platform for young people at this scale and level of impact.

VotesforSchools do a weekly vote on a range of topics including knife crime, mental health and other issues affecting young people.

They engage young people in weekly discussions on topical issues, providing schools with evidence of SMSC, British values and Prevent.

More statistics can be found on the website