Scouts enjoy virtual camp

Youngsters from Burnham-On-Sea Scouts have taken part in a virtual camp in place of their physical winter camp which has been cancelled due to the lockdown.

Burnham Scouts in Somerset had planned to take 22 Scouts to Gilwell Park near London this month for the national Wintercamp where thousands of Scouts from all across the country gather.

But Leader Jacob Dear told “As the Wintercamp team were unable to go ahead with the Camp this year due to the lockdown, they moved the event online instead.”

There were over 150 activities for the Cubs and Scouts to chose from, spread over seven activity zones; Creative, Games, Skills, Active, Science, Sustainable Development Goals and Challenge.”

“There were challenges set every hour on ‘Wintercamp TV’ for the young people to complete and send in their photos to earn points for their team.”

He adds: “A few of the activities that some of our Cubs and Scouts decided to take part were an Escape room, Scratch coding, making fudge, planning and going on a local walk with their families, making Earth Marshmallows and loads more!”

“The Cubs and Scouts made Camp at home either by putting a tent up in their back garden – yes some camped outside in January! – or by building a den to sleep in inside.”

“We met with the Scouts at several points over the weekend and they worked on some of the activities together. They especially loved doing the Escape rooms. We had 22 young people take part.”