Uber miracle as random ride results in driver donating kidney to passenger

By Jill Dando News

Bill Sumiel stumbled across a miracle after taking a ride with Uber and ending up finding the kidney he prayed for.

Christiana Hospital in America arranged for an appointment at a dialysis center and sent an Uber driver to pick Sumiel up. Then the miracle started to unfold.

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Driver Tim Letts arrived and during the ride he told them of his dilemma.

Sumiel told 6abc.com: “About halfway home after talking the whole way and slowly becoming friends, Tim tells me that ‘I think God must have put you in my car.'”

Letts then offered Sumiel his kidney.

“He says, ‘If you’ll take my name and number, I’ll give a kidney to you,” Sumiel recalls. “I was shaking so hard I couldn’t even write down his name and number.”

The match was successful and the operation at Christiana Hospital was a success.

Now the two have become lifelong friends all over a miracle car ride when Sumiel needed it the most.

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Letts, who normally worked in Cape May County, many miles to the south of Sumeil’s home, just happened to be right nearby at the time of the Uber request.

He told 6abc.com: “Giving a kidney is the gift of life and I feel so fortunate to have that gift.

“I know miracles have happened in the past. Maybe they never happened to me, maybe they have. But now I really have those beliefs reinforced.”

Letts, a 33-year-old Army veteran, lives in Germany but plans to stay in contact with Sumiel through Facebook.

Sumiel continues his rehab twice a week and just passed the one-year anniversary of his kidney replacement surgery.

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