Three years wait and what a performance by The Killers! (by Samara, 18, Jill Dando News)

“A Christmas Present Well Worth Waiting For” – Energetic and Enthralling Entertainment from one of the biggest rock bands to emerge from the twenty first century

By Samara, 18, Jill Dando News

After a tedious two and a half years of waiting, on Thursday 26th May 2022, I was finally able to receive a Christmas present that I’d been waiting for since I was 15 years old, yes almost three years, you read that right.

The Killers, fronted by the remarkable Brandon Flowers 41, finally came down to play in Bristol’s Ashton Gate as part of their Imploding The Mirage Tour to a sell out crowd of 30,000 people.

From their new material, e.g. the 80s infused “Dying Breed” and the acoustic undertones of “Runaway Horses”, to their classic staples such as “Human”, “When You Were Young” and the much loved “Mr Brightside” the twenty first century indie rockers certainly made their mark here within the South West bringing “peace, love and rock and roll” after two years of uncertainty of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

But before we get into analysing their incredible show, firstly, I want to take a moment to look at the short but incredible set delivered by their support act, who as I’m sure you would agree with me are legends themselves – Manic Street Preachers.

Formed in 1986, by James Dean Bradfield, these guys have sold more than ten million albums worldwide, and in my eyes are one of the best bands to emerge from the late 80s and 90s, with them holding a place in my top twenty favourite bands of all time.

Opening with the classic Motorcycle Emptiness, one of the band’s most well known songs, Bradfield once more helms his finesse within the alternative rock bracket, taking us all the way back to 1992’s Generation Terrorists.

Then we break into 1998’s “Your Love Alone is Not Enough”, followed by the beautifully haunting “Everything Must Go” – three key staples from the Welsh rockers extensive back catalogue. 

 Concluding their set with the standout guitars of the poignant “If You Tolerate This” from their 1998 album “This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours”, the Welsh rockers signed off their forty five minute set expressing their gratitude and headed off stage. 

Finally, at approximately 9:00pm, Brandon, accompanied by drummer Ronnie Vannuci Junior, bassist Mark Stoemer, and three backing singers, hit the stage, opening with the catchy “My Own Soul’s Warning”, alongside an array of aesthetically captivating confetti, which certainly established his presence here down in the southwest once more after that legendary Glastonbury 2019 performance with Neil Tennant – I mean, how can you forget it?

Anyhow, soon after the conclusion of their fiery opening, the heavy guitars of their classic “When You Were Young”, from their 2006 Album Sam’s Town, soon erupted, finessing Brandon’s status as a rock and rock icon, as he looks back upon his childhood in Utah.

Shortly after, we see the band revert back to their iconic 2004 debut album “Hot Fuss” with staples such as “Jenny Was A Friend of Mine” and “Smile Like You Mean It”, led by Brandon’s impeccable synth as he took us back to the band’s emergence upon the indie rock scene all the way back in the early 00s – including their debut performance at the John Peel tent at Glastonbury within the same year.

Now, the encore or euphoric encore, as I’ll remember it. Firstly, we had the classic electro dance hit “Human”, from their 2008 album “Day and Age”, accompanied by stunning visuals upon the main screen, as Brandon led the enthralled crowd through the moment and continued to do so, with the new wave “Spaceman”.

Ending the show, with the anthemic “All These Things I’ve Done”, the crowd, alongside myself, were captivated as we recited that iconic line “I’ve got Soul but I’m not a soldier.” 

Overall, I would say to anyone who’s planning on seeing these guys, then please do, because they damn well know how to put on a good show. 

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