Students to sell eco jewellery made up of renewable materials from the beach

By Kandra and Syke, 11, Jill Dando News

The Young Enterprise group at the Sixth Form at The King Alfred School Academy in Highbridge, Somerset is incredibly SEAstainable – looking to make jewellery from renewable resources on the beach.

Their source is the nearby Burnham-on-sea beach where the glass over time is smoothed by the salt within the sea soon becoming sea glass.

Their mission is to gradually remove the seaglass from the beach turning it into sustainable jewellery.


Student Alicia said: “Their business idea is based on using renewable materials from their local beaches that would be wasted or otherwise end up in our oceans”

“Us collecting litter stops it from returning to the sea to endanger animals but also inspires others around in other areas to do the same!

Following on from this, we’re using products that are easily and readily available lowering our carbon footprint , thus saving sea-life” 

Plans to use on a bigger scale

The group of Year 12 Sixth Form students who are participating in the Young Enterprise opportunity plan to use this business to promote sustainability in our local community and also on a larger scale.


They plan to have their main selling point to be their jewellery products. However they have many ideas of how they could create other products from their recycled materials in the future.

They hope not only the students in our school will get behind this idea but also the people in our community. 

Alicia added: “Living along the seaside means we witness the sheer amount of waste everyday and has inspired us to innovate our brand. This town holds not only locals but tourists who are wanting to have a beachside holiday”

Their Small necklace will be sold for £7.77 or £15 for two, and the bigger necklace will be £8.99

Interviews From Jill Dando News

Our Jill Dando News reporters interviewed the students: One said: “We are a young enterprise group company composed of 20 sixth form students our sixth form”

“We have grasped this opportunity to gain valuable experience of this industry and develop our teamwork and communication skills and show what we really believe in


“Acting sustainable is important to us, so our journey led to the innovative idea of hand creating our very own sea glass necklaces”

“We have carefully encased each piece of seaglass in silver plated brass that is lead and nickel free to prevent any type of skin irritation.”

They added “Although in our beach we don’t have any turtles, we included it in our logo as we want to show that even a small help in the environment can affect worldwide.”

In their blurb, the Sixth Form students say: “Our company believes in saving our seas and making them sustainable. It is indisputable that our once beautiful seas are now pools of rubbish.

“269,000 tonnes of rubbish float along the surface alone. This rubbish is endangering and killing sea life and we want to put an end to it.

“However, experiences at the beach aren’t as enjoyable due to waste and rubbish that accumulates everyday.

:As a company, we want to combat this by collecting waste and giving it a new purpose. This therefore means we are making our seaside beaches sustainable – hence the name “SEAstainable”!

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