Pupils elated after winning coveted international Eco-Schools Green Flag award

By Jill Dando News

Pupils at The Huntspill Primary Academies have earned an international accreditation for their amazing eco work.

They have helped make their school more environmentally friendly and raised eco-awareness in fellow pupils to win the Eco-Schools Green Flag.

Pupils collaborated with Mrs Loach to conduct an environmental review, assessing how eco-friendly their school is. 

They reviewed everything from the school’s recycling practices, to energy usage, to how environmental themes are covered in classrooms. 

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Building on their findings, the pupils and teacher Amanda Loach planned a year of activities that would boost their green-credentials. 

The group connected their work to 3 Eco-Schools topics at each site including water wastage, Litter, Healthy Living, Electricity. 

The year was a busy year for the pupils in working towards their first Green Eco Flag. 

Eco-Schools is an international education programme that prompts young people to explore sustainability and climate change and take action. 

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The pupils’ work included:

  • A survey of how many non-reusable water bottles there were in the school that showed a great result. 
  • Building a herb garden and planting flowers to create more biodiversity around the school. 
  • Reviewing the recycling facilities they have available in school which was supported by a visit to Carymoor recycling centre. 
  • Persuading site management to have taps replaced with push button taps so that they weren’t left running and wasting water. 

Teacher Amanda Loach said: “We are delighted with this award – well done to all our pupils for inspirational work.

“East Huntspill managed to go a day with no electricity – that’s commitment for you!

“We even found time to take part in some nationwide schools events including The RSPB Wild Challenge & Big School Bird watch, The Great Big School Clean, Woodland Trust tree planting and more locally the Bristol Water Butt Competition.”

Two of the charities they supported were tub2pub and Crisp Packet blankets which both had amazing support from families and our pupils.

One parent shared ‘We call her our little Eco warrior. She’s always getting us to recycle more and telling us about the things we can do to help the environment.’

Eco-Schools England Manager, Adam Flint, said: “Earning an Eco-Schools Green Flag Award takes passion, commitment and a desire to make a difference. Pupils should be proud of their great work. They’re an inspiration and it makes us feel heartened and positive about the future of our planet.”

To learn more about Eco-Schools head to www.eco-schools.org.uk  

Eco-Schools was founded in 1994, operates in 67 countries and engages 19.5 million young people globally.

The Eco-Schools Green Flag national award recognises, rewards and celebrates the environmental achievements of young people.

The Huntspills are part of The Priory Learning Trust.

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