Raging Romans, clever Caerleon and the Year 4 crew

By Bethany, age 9 

The Year 4 children from St. Anne’s Church Academy in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset enjoyed a trip to Caerleon in Wales.

Firstly, they went to a really Roman school where they learnt amazing maths and scintillating geography.

After that, they learnt the names of the Roman gods. When they had done this, they learnt how to march like a Roman. 

Roman Day

When they were almost finished, they went to the amphitheatre to have a play and pretend to be a gladiator.
Finally they saw the old Roman houses.

One of these lucky children later stated, ‘My favourite part was trying on the armour.’
This amazing, Year 4 crew did all of this in a Roman museum.

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