Prolific singer-songwriter Becca Kate hosts an inspirational drop in session with students

By Isabelle, 12 and Elena, 12 Jill Dando News

Singer-songwriter Becca Kate dropped into Priory Community School Academy as part of an inspirational Careers drive at the School.  

Becca Kate wowed students from the Somerset school with her incredible musical talents.

She told them she jjoined the music career because she was playing guitar for as long as she can remember. She had entered a music songwriting contest and she was surprised to find out she had won! 

She is a young and prolific singer-songwriter with the world at her feet.


The songs she has written are called ‘Bedroom floor’, ‘Daydreams’, ‘Say what you mean’, ‘Notice’, ‘Biting lemons’, ‘Within my hands’, ‘The girl you shouldn’t have kissed’, ‘All I did today’, ‘everything she touched’, ‘olive branches’ and ‘silver’. 

“Spine-tingling bliss…Goose bump-inducing…It was incredible, I was having a bit of a moment, absolutely gorgeous”, is how Matt Tancock from BBC Introducing spoke about her latest releases.

Rachel Walker Mason from the UK Songwriting Contest, expressed how “the lyrics and performance are really heartfelt…  This is something I’d put on my favourites playlist”.


In the careers office she sang ‘The Girl you Shouldn’t have Kissed’ and all the students said her voice was ‘gorgeous’.

Students learned how Becca attended Plymouth University to study and do courses for Art but later changed to Music.

Once she had won the contest, Becca started to write her own songs which became successful to what she is today.

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