Singing nurse uses music to help his patients

Singing nurse uses music to help his patients

By Jill Dando news

It’s a well worn saying that laughter is good medicine.

But now a nurse in New York is finding that music is also good for healing.

Manny Remilus, a pediatric nurse at Cohen Children's Medical Center in New York, is helping his patients with the soothing power of music.

Remilus was hospitalized several times as a kid, and remembers how the nurses who took care of him "really made me feel like family, really made me feel like I was at home," he told CBS News.

He became a pediatric nurse so he could give the same comfort and feeling of security to kids, and uses music to connect, calling it "a very powerful tool that we have in our arsenal to really help put people at ease."

Remilus says even just three minutes of singing and dancing helps, and he'll perform any song requested.

He gets plenty of practice as part of the Northwell Health Nurses Choir, which recently made it to the America's Got Talent finals, and he encourages others to follow their joy.

“Because we are all going through tough times, so whatever it is that you find that helps restore you and to help bring you back 100 percent, find that thing and do it," he said.

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