Outstanding Athletics training for pupils at top school

By Ollie and Grace, aged 10, Jill Dando News

Two year 6 classes enjoyed a tremendous athletics day at a nearby secondary school.

Pupils from Castle Batch Primary School Academy and St Anne’s Church Academy went to Priory Secondary School Academy in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset to do athletics and enjoy Physical Education. 

PCSA has an amazing range of facilities including a Paula Radcliffe Centre.

When students of Castle Batch and St. Anne’s arrived, they were sorted into their team (arranged by colours).

The friendly students introduced themselves to each other, they chose what relays they competed in.

After that, half the teams, which had 6 or 7 pupils in, went to do javelin, chest push, speed bounce and standing long jump.

The other half did relay races, a one lap, a two lap and a six lap race.

Priory has an excellent sports department and brilliant facilities.

Mrs Sweet, the P.E coordinator of Castle Batch, told Jill dando News that, “The children worked really well together.” 

Hopefully the next couple of Athletic races go perfectly for the next couple of years.

(This story was written brilliantly by Ollie and Grace, aged 10, part of Jill Dando News at the school. Jill Dando News finds positive stories from every nation of the world)