Meet the window cleaner who cleans road signs for free in his spare time

By Jill Dando News

A 25 year old who started a window washing business has been cleaning road signs for free in his spare time to give back to his community.

Liam Wildish started scrubbing signs in Maidstone, England this year, after launching his new window service—and he’s already become a notable local figure.

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“Some of the signs in Maidstone are in terrible condition so when I pass them I pull up and give them a clean up,” the 25-year-old told SWNS news.

“I like to think it makes a difference to the appearance of the area and hopefully improves road safety during these long winter nights.”

The young man from Nottinghamshire makes himself noticeable, always dressed in a red cap and his bright blue company jacket—and his Facebook posts are inundated with strangers saying they spotted him.

“People wave at me or beep their horns, or comment on my videos to say they saw me out.”

When he arrived in Maidstone this year he didn’t know anyone, so had to build a new client base from scratch. After six weeks running his new business, Clean Scene, he began tackling the road signs as a way to thank those in the community who’d helped him through word-of-mouth recommendations and positive feedback.

It also promotes his business. The entrepreneur shoots videos of himself and shares them on Maidstone community pages.

“It’s a bit of a win-win for everybody.”

Liam loves the quiet reflectiveness of the solitary work, but he’s also chatty and loves meeting everyone.

Up next, Liam wants to look into organizing litter clean-ups with youth clubs.

“It’s very rewarding,” he concluded.