Meet Somerset’s first climate change teacher

Exclusive by GNP reporter

Catherine Owen is the first teacher in Somerset to be a United Nations accredited climate change teacher. 

The King Alfred School Academy teacher in Highbridge can now deliver up-to-date climate change lessons to all students.

Catherine, also a published author on geography topics, has been accredited by the UN.

One of Catherine’s first projects as a climate change teacher was to facilitate a group of Year 11 students in running an activity with younger students as part of the global climate change action last month.   

She is leading assemblies across the school in the week this week to celebrate major improvements in quality of life across the world but also the threat that climate changes poses to these improvements.

Then she will work with teachers across The Priory Learning Trust in Weston-super-Mare and near Bridgwater on climate change.

Catherine said “I am so excited about this role. I will be using my new learning to further enhance geography lessons but will also work with teachers across the school and The Priory Learning Trust to support cross curricular learning about climate change.”