Somerset children welcomed French children who visited their inspirational school.

Children from Northgate Primary School welcomed French children who were visiting from the town of La Ciotat, which is part of the twinning with Bridgwater.

The French students gave a talk and presentation to explain to the pupils what life is like in France, and told stories of French culture. 

All pupils shared lunch time together and enjoyed a game of football.

Northgate Primary School is one of the best primary schools in Somerset with a state-of-the-art £6.7 million building, caring and inspiring teachers, and an amazing curriculum. It is run by the excellent and expanding Clevedon Learning Trust.

A nursery is now on site, and the school has state-of-the-art facilities including an astro pitch, dance studio and hall, also available for the community.

Headteacher Katie Penny said: “This was a wonderful exchange trip and our children were able to learn what life is like in France, and made some lovely friendships. It really brought their learning to life. They will now be able to keep in touch over the Internet.”