GCSE graduates enjoying superb free two weeks of fun and skill building

By Jill Dando News 

Hundreds of graduating GCSE students are taking part in Britain’s biggest ever rolling out of the National Citizen Service (NCS)

The year 11 students across The Priory Learning Trust are celebrating the end of their time at secondary school with two weeks of fun, activities, and skill and life-building activities.

It is by far the biggest two-week event carried out by NCS since it was introduced in 2009 by the then Prime Minister David Cameron.

NCS have never worked with the entire student population across a multi academy trust before.

Students at Priory Community School Academy, Worle Community School Academy and The King Alfred School Academy are benefiting from a host of events.

It includes fun and challenging activities such as an obstacle course, climbing walls and inflatables. There will also be teambuilding, enterprise and confidence boosting activities. 

Finally there will be a week of social action where the students will help to make the community and world a better place.

Organiser and Director of Careers, James Wilmot said: “This is quite simply the biggest and best rolling out of the NCS programme there has even been.

“Our students can celebrate the end of their studies with a superb range of confidence and life building activities. It will be a wonderful way to help prepare them for their next steps into college, 6th form and apprenticeships.”

TPLT is a high achieving and successful multi academy trust in Somerset. It has three secondary schools and five primary schools.

Neville Coles, CEO, said: “After all the disruption that Year 11 in particular have been through in recent times we wanted to assist them and parents and provide these addition two weeks of schooling. 

“We always run NCS programme each summer across our Trust and this time it is free of charge. 

“Our students across all our three local academies – WCSA, PCSA and TKASA – are going to benefit from a great community-minded programme which will further develop their civic awareness.”