Campaigning children help change plastic policy of milk firm

By Olivia, 10 and Chloe, 10, Jill Dando News. Photo by Joe, 10

The Year 6 pupils of St Anne’s Church Academy in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset made a positive change to their school’s milk service. 

The brilliant children wrote letters to the School Milk Services Ltd to say they wanted to change the cartons the milk was delivered in and to change plastic straws into paper ones.

The school milk service were impressed with the letters saying they realised how much plastic is wasted. They have now promised to change the container that the milk is delivered in. 

They are also going to work with the manufacturers to try to change the plastic straws to paper ones.

Principal Emma Hardy-Smith said: “This was a fantastic project by our eco-minded pupils. 

“We continually tell our pupils just how they have the power to make a positive difference in the community and the world, and persuading the company to change the plastic containers is a brilliant achievement.”

St Anne’s Church Academy is a high achieving and happy caring school, and is the first school in North Somerset to receive the highly prized Social School Award.

It is part of The Priory Learning Trust.