Crisp packets, bins and bottles in sights of some of Britain’s most passionate climate change student activists

Jack Clark, aged 14, and his Climate Justice Revolution team at Worle Community School Academy, are looking to introduce new recycling facilities at the school.

CJR is also planning on creating The Green Council for students to voice their opinions on the environment at WCSA.

And students will be urged to collect crisp packets and to get rid of plastic bottles in their homes and while on the go.

WCSA is an inspirational academy that encourages its students to aim high and help the community.

Jack said “Climate Justice Revolution has been making amazing progress since September. We’ve recently joined the Surfers Against Sewage Plastic-Free Schools programme.

“We know that we can’t stop the climate emergency on our own but if everyone, including our government, big corporations and you make a change, we can stop the ecological breakdown before it progresses too far and then we can begin to create a better world for all.”

Principal Jacqui Scott said: “Well done to Jack and all the students who are doing an excellent job in helping to change the story on climate change.”