Author who has sold 275 million books celebrates Jill Dando News reporters’ legacy to BBC journalist

By Jill Dando News

One of the world’s best selling authors has sent a message to Jill Dando reporters who are living out the good news, legacy of the BBC journalist.

Jill Dando’s legacy is thriving with hundreds of positive, good news stories across the world.

Now best selling author, Jeffrey Archer has become the latest celebrity who knew Jill, to pass on his congratulations to all of the reporters.

Jeffrey Archer congratulates Jill Dando News reporters

Jill Dando News Centres are being set up in her home county and Africa – 24 years since her death.

The JDNCs are part of the former TV presenter’s incredible Life and Legacy which lives on, giving a good news, positivity and mental wellbeing boost in schools.

Best-selling author Jeffrey Archer (centre right) launches the Priory Community School Academy Jill Dando Centre, within half a mile from where Jill grew up.

In the latest video, Jeffrey Archer, who has sold nearly 400,000 books, said: “Jill Dando was one of my dearest friends. She was a great journalist and a lovely human being. 

“Her initiative to get young people to write positive stories to become journalists is surpassed by almost no one.”

Other stars and celebrities over the years, including Sir Cliff Richard and Alan Titchmarsh have sent good luck messages to students from Jill’s old school, Worle Community School Academy in Weston-super-Mare.

Boris Johnson Interview:

Over 5000 children in Somerset and Malawi have been inspired by the life of Jill to push out good news across the area in local newspapers, radio and TV. 

The students’ work has highlighted Jill’s life and legacy, boosting positivity, kindness, good news and mental wellbeing. 

The JDNCs are simple but powerfully effective. Armed with iPads and notepads, the children aged 8 to 18 find and write positive stories across their schools and community.

Jill Dando News Centre journalists in Malawi, Africa

Students are trained by Jill’s brother Nigel and other professional journalists and editors from local, regional and national Media.

Their stories then go into the media, and social media, and also in their own newspaper ‘The Post’ which they deliver to their old primary schools.

A number of the students’ stories have been picked up by newspapers and have gone across the world. 

One story was about Robbie the school robot who is helping charity inspiration and ME sufferer Makayla, 14, to access education at Priory. Their story recently even made Time magazine, the children edition in America as well as national newspapers and magazines, the BBC and ITV.

Nigel Dando said: “This scheme is mind boggling brilliant. Jill would be tickled pink by it all.”

Sir Cliff said the students are honouring Jill in such a fitting way. 

He added: “I can honestly say that Jill Dando was one of my very closest friends. As a TV journalists she was honest, factual and charming. What a delight to hear that because of the legacy she left us, thousands of people are following in her footsteps with good news stories.”

TV gardener Alan Titchmarsh told the Jill Dando News Centre: ”Jill was not only a brilliant journalist, she was a wonderful person. She emanated goodwill and fun.”


World explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes told our reporters: “Well done to the students of Jill‘s old school who are bringing her memory alive with a living, breathing news centre to train up young journalists and get out good news. 

“Stories of children showing great, determination and all the acts of positivity inspire others and fill the media with much-needed good news.”

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