Wow! Students wow with Shakespeare show performance

By Jill Dando News reporters Kandra, Skye and Becca, Year 7

Students at The King Alfred School Academy in Highbridge, Somerset has done a play called the Ages of Man! 

Inspired by Poet and Playwright William Shakespeare’s Play ‘All the worlds a stage’.

The spectacular play lasted for 30 minutes and started at 6:30pm until 7pm.

Parents and carers, siblings and friends came to watch this incredible musical.

18 people were on the cast.

9 people on the production team.

The play consists of extracts from different texts and songs which all explore the different life stages of mankind from childhood through to old age.

The performance aims to show the highs and lows of human life through comedic characters and scenarios!

Each scene has been cleverly linked together with poignant choral speech Written by Year 13 student Ellie Brazier.

Becca interviews actors.

She said: “As an actress in The Ages of Man I have interviewed others ahead of the play. Rehearsals during lunchtimes have been going well for us. We had lots of faith we would know all our lines by a certain date. Here are some of my interviews with fellow actors.”

How does it feel to be in the Ages of Man? 

“Nice because I have never met nice people before and this is my first ever play” said Freya F, who plays the character Jane. 

Why did you decide to join the play? 

“I joined to give myself time to relax, so I can spend time with people I like,” said a student who is playing Dougie. 

Question for Miss Keeble: Why did you make the play? And other Info from Miss Keeble 

“We wanted to give KS3 an opportunity to have their own performance. We have been impressed with all the talent in Year 7,8 and 9 and wanted to showcase it. Also, credit to Ellie Brazier in Year 13, an aspiring playwright who has helped write and put together the show!”

“Since I’ve joined, I have seen 4 of these Musicals”

“Its a long Tradition”

“Its quite hard fitting characters”

“It gives students the confidence to perform”

“Mr Shewring is directing the upcoming 6th form productions “

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