Why and how our school is safe and good for mental health (By Bella, 12)

By Bella, 12, Jill Dando News

My school in my opinion is a very safe place, and is very good for children’s mental health.

At The King Alfred School Academy, in Highbridge, Somerset TKASA we have lots of ways to help children’s mental health.

One of the ways is having a safeguarding team there to support people and help them with any issues or worries they are having.

Another way is that we have apps to help as well, for example toot toot. It is an app where you can type down any worries or issues that you may not want to tell someone face to face.

Using toot toot can make children feel more comfortable saying what they are concerned about. Soon someone will respond and start to help you. 

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And finally the most obvious ones are teachers.

If you are having any concerns inside of school, you can always tell a trusted teacher or your tutor because they will always listen to what you are saying and can help you with whatever it is you need. 

So it makes sense to say that TKASA is a very safe place.

Bella said: “Remember if you have any concerns you can always tell someone and they can help you.”

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