(WATCH VIDEO) Pupils shine with sparkling Youtube choir performance (By Erica and Sophia, 10)

By Erica and Sophia, 10, Jill Dando News

Pupils are shining and sparkling with a fabulous singing performance shown round the world on a Youtube video

Every Monday lunch time pupils gather in the Year 5 classroom of St Anne’s Church Academy, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset to sing and improve their voices. 

Some of the year 5 children went to the 11-16 Worle Community School Academy in Worle and sang sparkle and shine. The video is now on youtube (CLICK BELOW)


Singing is well-known for producing a range of benefits to those taking part and those listening including a boost in mental wellbeing, creativity and happiness levels. 

Our Jill Dando News team gathered some quotes from different year groups about the choir.

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Ella from year 5 said “No-one cannot sing.”

Charlie from year 6 said “Choir makes me feel calm.”

Nikola from year 3 said “I like choir because I learn new songs.”

Lily in year 4 said “Let’s you express your emotions.”

On the school summer fair, the Choir will perform songs for everyone to enjoy.

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