That’s nuts! Hoarder woodpecker stashes 700lbs of nuts (By Samuel, 12, Jill Dando News)

By Samuel, aged 12, Jill Dando News @ Priory Academy

A woodpeckers stash in North America is found, having stored 700lbs of nuts in a house. 

Nick Castro, an exterminator, was inspecting a home for mealworms when he discovered something unusual inside: nuts.

Tens of thousands of acorns came cascading out from behind a bedroom wall.  It appeared that the woodpeckers, who had started by trying to store their nuts in the house’s wood siding. 

Their project was stopped when the previous house owner wrapped the house in vinyl, forcing the birds to begin stacking them inside the chimney! 


Although the birds couldn’t get down the chimney to reach them, they continued to add to their collection! 

You could say this Woodpecker was nuts for nuts.

Woodpecker –

There was enough to fill 8 garbage bags. No doubt, the woodpeckers will be hungry, disappointed and mad at the people who removed all their winter snacks and hard work!  

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