Teenager Jim working with Llamas, Emus and Mouflon as part of his round the world trip

By Chloe, Clevedon School sixth form student

Jim Carrington, aged 18, has taken a gap year travelling worldwide before going to study Geology at Portsmouth.

Jim, formerly of North Somerset, spends some of his time volunteering at Tromso mini zoo, just 350km north of the Arctic Circle. 

He had to quarantine initially for 10 days in a hut with his food left on the doorstep, but now works among many species of animal including LLamas, Emus and Mouflon.

Jim is continuing his travels until March 6th and he hopes to see the northern lights as the eternal night is descending. 

He hopes to go on from Norway to Switzerland where he is working on a sustainable farm in the mountains which has no road access.

He will then go on to Costa Rica to work on a Butterfly farm.

He said: “This is a thrilling trip, and I hope to also witness or Orcas and Humpback Whales before it ends. This is the experience of a lifetime.“