Sporting athletes officially unveil 40-foot wall of inspiration that has wowed students and the world

By Jill Dando News

Two former students at The King Alfred School Academy in Highbridge, Somerset returned back to ‘cut the ribbon’ to mark the unveiling of a 40-foot wall of sporting greats that has been praised across the world.

Footballer Bradley Ash returned along with Shannon to view the impressive collage.

Bradley was signed by championship team Barnsley two years ago while Shannon represented Great Britain in football for Avon and Somerset Police. 

They were joined by Principal Nathan Jenkins who will become Head of School Improvement at The Priory Learning Trust from April. Vice Principal Dan Milford will become Acting Principal until January.

Bradley and Shannon front left and right return back to The King Alfred School Academy

Huge improvements to The King Alfred School Academy

The wall is just one of a series of huge improvements to the academy since Nathan became Principal in 2018. It has become one of the south west’s fastest improving schools.

Exam results have soared and the sixth form is booming among many improvements. In 2019 a 30-foot King Alfred mural was unveiled that also wowed students and visitors.

Bradley, who left TKASA in 2014, said: “It is great to come back to the school and see these world greats pictured on this amazing collage. This is a school that inspires.”

Shannon, who left in 2010, said: “The wall is brilliant – the students will be continually inspired by world-class sporting stars and athletes every day as they walk past.”

Beckham, Rashford and Serena Williams join list of world stars

David Beckham, Serena Williams, Andy Murray, Mo Farah, Marcus Rashford and Lewis Hamilton are featured on the sporting wall. Others include netball star Helen Housby and tennis hero Andy Murray.

Principal Nathan Jenkins said: ”This wall has had a staggering amount of interest and praise from across the world.

“Our own students have marvelled at the sheer scale, colour and inspiration from the personalities and their quotes.

“This is a brilliant school and the wall is in keeping with that. Thank you to Bradley and Shannon for coming back to declare the wall officially open.”

The collage is part of the school’s ongoing desire to inspire students with role models and encouragement.

And the wall also demonstrates the passion to integrate students back to the academy for outdoor pursuits, extra curricular work, and physical efforts.

The academy is part of The Priory Learning Trust.