Not spiderman, it’s super pooch PC Reggie – one of hundreds of dogs keeping our streets safe

By Jill Dando News

In the spiderman films, it’s Peter Parker helping police keep the streets of New York safe.

But in Britain, the same sort of job is being carried out by dogs such as PC Reggie the Springer Spaniel.

Reggie is one of hundreds of police dogs helping keeping Britain’s streets safe.

Just last night, Reggie found drugs that had been dumped by a suspect criminal in Merseyside.

Offers had been unable to locate it before super Reggie sniffed it out.

The same heroic crime fighting is going on day in day out.

In Jill Dando News, spiderman and Jeffrey the mascot King Charles Spaniel dog help to train up young reporters to become brilliant journalists. Although Jeffrey would love also to be a police pooch like PC Reggie!

Spiderman and Jeffrey train pupils to be Jill Dando News reporters

Jill Dando News said: “Well done PC Reggie and all the heroic dogs across Britain.”