MPS Society supporters invited to celebrate Sir Tom’s life with a ‘100 charity challenge’

By Jill Dando News

Supporters of The MPS Society are being asked to celebrate a new fundraising plan over Captain Tom’s birthday weekend of Friday 30 April to Bank Holiday Monday 3 May.

The Captain Tom 100 invites people all over the world to take on a challenge based around the number 100 to raise funds for charity.

It will also celebrate Sir Tom’s life and achievements.

Anna Featherstone, Head of Fundraising and Communications at MPS Society, said: “We are thrilled to be taking part in the Captain Tom 100 challenge. 

“Captain Sir Tom Moore was a hero. It’s fantastic that his family pledged to celebrate his life with an event that everyone, in the UK and around the world, could be involved in to raise money for a good cause.”

The story of Captain Tom raising £32 million during COVID-19 – despite being 100 and needing a walking aid – lifted the nation

To take part, participants need to do is dream up a Captain Tom 100 challenge based around the number 100 and do it at anytime and anywhere over Captain Tom’s birthday weekend – starting on Friday 30 April through to Bank Holiday Monday 3 May.

 The challenge could be walking 100 steps or running 100 metres, scoring 100 goals, baking 100 cakes, climbing 100 stairs, hopping 100 laps of the garden, building 100 sandcastles, writing a 100-word poem, flipping 100 pancakes – anything at all, inside or out. 

 Once supporters have chosen their challenge, they can fundraise or donate to MPS Society and share their 100 on social media, using #CaptainTom100 

Captain Tom’s daughter, Hannah Ingram-Moore, said: “We know he would love the idea of inviting everyone to get involved and share their Captain Tom 100 so that together we can ensure ‘Tomorrow will be a good day’. 

“We look forward to celebrating with you on what would have been his 101st birthday weekend – it’s going to be fun!”  

Captain Tom’s simple message of hope – “Tomorrow will be a good day” – resonated around the globe during some of the darkest days of the pandemic, bringing light and comfort to millions worldwide. 

The MPS Society was founded in 1982, by Christine Lavery, MBE. The Society for Mucopolysaccharide Diseases, or MPS Society, are the only registered charity providing professional support to individuals and families affected by rare, life-limiting genetic diseases such as MPS, Fabry or related disease in the UK.

MPS Society is transforming the lives of those affected by MPS, Fabry and related diseases and reach over 1,500 people per year.

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